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Soft Ballistic SET Columbus SK1 stab protection cut protection

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  • Premium soft ballistics with extensive certification
  • Protective insert for plate carriers, protective vests, undercarriers
  • Suitable for police, military, personal protection, security, emergency services and rescue workers
  • Insert according to protection class SK1 / NIJ 3A
  • Cut protection
  • Stab protection
  • Splinterguard
  • 27x32 cm with bevelled corners on the top
  • CE 0493 certified
  • 10 year guarantee

Width (cm)27.0
Height (cm)32.0
Protection category (sk)1
Protection class (NIJ)III A
ConstructionSoft ballistics

Soft ballistic insert with extensive certification

These CE certified soft ballistics are characterized by high wearing comfort, low weight and protection against pistols, ammunition, fragments, knives, needles and thorns.

The two Columbus soft ballistic inserts together weigh only approx. 896 grams, which has a positive effect when wearing protective equipment for a longer period of time.

The chest area is protected on an area of (WxH) 27cm x 32cm. The insert can be intrigued precisely into the plate carrier Vulcan III, the protective vest Thor and the protective equipment from other manufacturers.

Another plus point of this ballistics is its small structure. With a thickness of only 0.7 cm, it is suitable for use in ballistic undershorts and can be easily concealed under clothing.

This body armor is therefore ideal for use by the police, the military, personal protection and security. This insert can also protect private individuals who are exposed to an increased risk potential.

With the Columbus VAR11 you get premium class soft ballistics that can be described as thoroughly tested and offers optimal protection.

Technical data of soft ballistics

Shelling, splinter, knife, spike protection test

German SK1 certification

German standard SK1 fully certified

  • Extra: 9mm Pist Pat 41
  • 9mm Makarov
  • .357 Mag
  • Tokarev

American examination according to NIJ 01.01.04

  • NIJ 01.01.04 Level IIIA (no bfs evaluation)
  • NIJ 01.01.04 level 9mm QD PEP II / s
  • NIJ 01.01.04 level Action 5 & 9 mm Pist Pat 41
  • NIJ 01.01.04 step 9mm Makarov & 9mm DM41
  • NIJ 01.01.04 level 7.62x25 Tokrev #
  • NIJ 01.01.04 level 12x70 Brenneke Rottwell (no bfs evaluation)
  • NIJ 01.01.04 level 12x70 Buckshot 35g Cooppal Chevrotins 9 / B

American examination according to NIJ 01.01.06 Level II

  • NIJ 01.01.06 Level IIIA 9mm
  • NIJ 01.01.06 Level IIIA 9mm (no bfs evaluation)

British examination according to HOSDB Body Armor Standards for UK Police

The Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB)

Center for Applied Science & Technology (CAST)

  • HOSDB 2007 lvl HG1A
  • HOSDB 2007 level HG2 (with max 44 m / s)
  • HOSDB 2007 Stage 9mm QD PEP II7s & 9mm SPEAR GOLD DOT
  • HOSDB 2007 Step 9mm Action NP
  • HOSDB 2007 level 9mm Seller & Bellot, 38 specical SJSP FIOCCHI
  • CAST 2017 level HO1
  • CAST 2017 level HO2


NATO Standardization Agreement Stanag

  • V50 STANAG 2920 fsp 1.1 g (17 grains)
  • V50> u003d 620 m / s

Cut protection

  • NIJ 0115.00 energy level KR1 & KR2 (test with S1 / G knife)
  • HOSDB 2007 standard level SP1 SP2

Injection needle guard

  • German VPAM KDIW 2004 level I1

tested + 20 ° C (test with pressure and drop test)

  • French police needle protection

tested + 20 ° C with 15 Newton (test with pressure)

  • Belgian police of Ghent needle protection

tested at 20 ° C drop test

scope of delivery

  • 1X SET consisting of two soft ballistic inserts